“Too Far Away”


When Hudson Taylor and Mother Theresa left everything behind for the sake of the call, they knew they were going to miss important events.

Somehow, by 2020, we really do not need to miss anything or anyone. We can face time, video call and send messages and the communication is at its finest.

Except… when you wish to be physically present AND YOU ARE NOT physically present. This is not a post of self-pity, but rather reflection on a quiet hard-working woman named Ruthanne.

Today, half a world away, there are people grieving the sudden loss of a wife, mother, mother-in-law, sister and grandma.

And while death happens every single day and affects many people world over, it will never lose its sting.

Because my two sisters happened to marry two brothers, I have known the Grove family for as long as I can remember.  Because the grief affects my own flesh and blood, it would be comforting to be there in person and somehow “lesson the blow”.

I remember corn roasts on the farm, youth activities in the house and yard, baking cookies for a fundraiser in the kitchen, and picking out flowers in the greenhouse for my very own garden. Ruthanne taught me that pansies are edible and that they make a lovely garnish on a cake.

I knew when I moved overseas that there would be days I wished it wouldn’t be so far to travel back to my homeland.

But today, if I could choose, I would go to honor the life of a woman who raised 4 sons, 2 of which became my brothers-in-law. Her godly influence also impacted 8 children whom I’m proud to call my nieces and nephews.

To the Grove Family, may peace be yours today. And may you feel the Ever-lasting arms enfold you.











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